The Monimax 7600T offers exceptional value with the power of a Microsoft® Windows® CE platform.
Featuring a new topper design, it is also attractive addition to any retail setting.
Maximum Reliabliliy
The Monimax 7600T is designed to provide industry leading quality and reliability with the highest uptime rates.
The Monimax 7600T is designed to require minimum maintenance and all Nautilus Hyosung ATMs are known for reliability and have a proven track record in the U.S. market.

مشخصات فنی:

System Control
Intel® Pentium® IV Processor
Microsoft® Windows® XP
۲۰۰۰ notes removable cassette can be upgraded to 2 cassettes for 4,000 notes
UL Business Hour Safe
Mechanical combination lock
UL® Level 1 safe
Electronic safe lock
KABA Mas Cencon lock
Dimension and Weight
Height: 51.3″ (1304mm)
۶۵.۳″ (۱۶۷۵mm) including topper
Width : 15.7″(400mm)
Depth : 22.8″ (580mm)
Weight: 1,977.5 lbs (897 kg)

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